10,000 to 13,000 mile intervals or once a year.
10,000 miles or once a year on 2009 or newer models.

Includes all services in the A-Class, Plus:

Replace passenger compartment dust filter.
Rotate tires (except models with staggered size tires).
Measure tire tread depth and record.
Check Poly V-Belt condition.
Check condition of ball joints, tie-rods, drag link & inspect rubber boots.
Check condition of rear wiper.
Check headlight aim.
Check parking brake.
Check seat belts for tears and proper function.
Road test, check bracking, kick-down, steering, electrical, heating & air conditioning system.
Diesel vehicles require fuel filter replacement at this interval.

(Note: Additional for BlueTEC diesel vehicles - Inspect and fill Adblue fluid as neccessary)

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